Books by Sally Wittman


Celebrating 30 years of children’s literature. Several books are for sale by author. Click on book cover for more information about book, honors/awards, purchases, etc.

Stepbrother Sabotage
A Special TradeA_Special_Trade.html
Pelly and PeakPelly_and_Peak.html
 A Special Trade
New Edition Coming Soon!A_Special_Trade.html
Stepbrother Sabotage 
Plenty of Pelly and PeakPlenty_of_Pelly_and_Peak.html
 A Special Trade
The Wonderful Mrs. TrumblyThe_Wonderful_Mrs._Trumbly.html
The Boy Who Hated 
Valentines DayThe_Boy_Who_Hated_Valentines_Day.html
Masterpiece MeMasterpiece_Me.html
Jessie’s WishesJessies_Wishes.html