Books by Sally Wittman


The Wonderful Mrs. Trumbly

Martin liked Mrs. Trumbly from the start. She had a nice smile. Her voice shook when she sang the national

anthem and she didn’t play soccer .But she knew how to make you feel good, even when you’d done something dumb. Martin walked Mrs. Trumbly to the bus stop every day after school. It seemed to him that he and Mrs. Trumbly were not just friends. They were best friends. Then one day Mrs. Trumbly doesn’t take the bus—she rides home with Mr. Klein, the music teacher, in his car. And when Martin sees Mrs. Trumbly  together more and more, he tries to think of a way to win back the special friendship he thinks he’s lost. All children will recognize the ups and downs and the good and bad feelings of Martin’s first crush on his

wonderful teacher. Ages 4-8.